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B.E.S.T. or Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique

Pain is the the body's signal that something is not operating properly. The most effective and lasting way to achieve pain relief is to remove the cause of the pain.

This chiropractic care program is a holistic approach that coordinates and balances the workings of all the systems of the body. It is based on the theory that mind and body work together.

  • It is non-forceful, painless, non-intrusive, and amazingly effective. The procedures (maybe unlike any you have encountered before) have been used for over a decade to help thousands of people feel better and be healthier.

  • These procedures communicate with the sensory system, the controlling centers of the body to signal that the body can begin functioning naturally and healing itself.

  • The B.E.S.T. Technique is directed toward relieving symptoms and allowing your body to function as perfectly as it was designed.

This chiropractic therapy has proven effective for many patients seeking pain relief. Be sure to ask Dr. Aleshmerni about this treatment.